Toilet seat up or down

The other day I was privy to a discussion about the fact that men should leave the toilet seat down, not the cover but the seat. This way the woman who came next would not have to put the seat down, it would be ready for her. The thing is aren’t we all supposed to be equal in rights? Why does the man have to leave the toilet seat down, but, the woman does not have to leave the toilet seat up? The effort is the same whether the man has to raise the toilet seat to pee, or the woman has to lower it to pee. Why is it, that when a man leaves the toilet seat up he is wrong, whereas when the woman leaves it down she is right?

Mind you we are talking about the toilet seat, not the cover. If it were the toilet seat cover I would agree, on the note of hygiene, that it is best to always lower the toilet seat cover so as to keep the smell, germs and bacteria from going else where.

There are simply some things in life I have trouble understanding, this being one of them.


Over or Under

Recently I came across a huge discussion online about how a roll of toilet paper should be placed, either with the paper hanging over or under.

The discussion came to a point where insults were being made and little reference to what was the best option. I find this upsetting, not because there is a discussion about toilet paper, but because when people have no more arguments they lower the level and resort to insults and on the other hand there are those that simply don’t admit being wrong no matter how evident it is.

Personally in my opinion, and practically all my life I have seen the roll of toilet paper with the paper hanging over. In my opinion, this way it is easier to use, and, you tend to waste less paper. When I got married it was a surprise that my wife places the roll of toilet paper with the paper hanging under. So here at home it will depend on who was the last to place the roll of toilet paper. We get along fine with this arrangement. The important thing being that there is toilet paper and you don’t have to wipe on your fingers.

That being said I came across a person some time ago that explained a very good reason to have the toilet paper hanging under. If you have a cat it is a good idea to have the paper hanging under so that they cannot unroll it. If you have it hanging over the cat may like to play with it and soon all the paper will be on the floor.

In essence I believe we can all talk of different and varying subjects without insulting and sometimes when we listen to others we may understand the others point of view.

My technical toolbox #6 – Helping others or being helped by others

There are times when you have to access some computer or machine remotely via the Internet to configure, or to help someone with an issue they are having. It may also be the issue where you need help from a friend or colleague. One can use a VPN connection but that requires one being set up which in many cases is not ease or near impossible. Additionally with VPN you cannot share the screen. While institutionally I used Cisco Webex there are times when we have to use other software. The reasons for this may be you are helping out friends or members of your family and cannot / should not use the institutional product, or your customer prefers to use some other piece of software. The the various software I use is mainly due to what the customer uses.

Cisco Webex

As stated, institutionally, I use Cisco Webex. I enjoy working with this product because it is simple to create a session and to set it up. It requires no additional software apart from running a plugin. You can share your screen or the other person can share theirs. One feature I like is that you don’t automatically have permission to control the remote computer, you have to ask for it. This in my opinion is a great security enhancement over other products of this nature where you have control as soon as you connect. This product is also good for training and meetings. The downside to Webex is that you cannot transfers files directly through it. While troubleshooting and collecting logs it would be a great help to be able to transfer them directly to your computer and not have to ask the customer to send them via some other process.


This is a cool light tool that does not require installation. You run it and its working. It has a free version limited to 15 hours per month meant for the home use. You can do file transfers directly through the connection.


This is a commonly used software for remote support. It comes with many features and can be run / installed on many operating systems. I only use this software (as with others) for remote support and have not explored additional features. The only feature I use is the file transfer which I find extremely useful to collect logs or to transfer patch files to the remote computer. It comes with a freeware version meant for home / personal use.


Some time ago I came across someone who uses this software for remote support. It is light, you don’t need to install, and boasts being able to work with reduced throughput. You can transfer files through the application and it is quite simple to use. It has a free version for the “occasional private use”.


Port Authorities – Corunha

My visit to Corunha was a memorable one. We only stayed one day but in the end we did not feel like leaving. We were lucky to have a beautiful day for the visit.

One of the things that attracted my attention was this strange building. After recently doing a search online it seems to be the port authorities. For me it was a pity to only be able to view this building from afar.