Nursery school – Mouraria Lisbon


I can’t draw or paint to save my life so I really enjoy coming across works of art such as this.  In my explorations in the side roads of Lisbon in the region of Mouraria I came across this painting on the wall of a nursery school. In my opinion a fitting image.


Graffiti at abandoned military facility


I came across these paintings at an abandoned military facility. Personally I hate seeing buildings going to waste. These abandoned military facilities did not have any indication one should not enter and while I was there many other people came to have a look as well. The bunkers were especially scary and on my part it was probably not prudent to go exploring in them.


The buildings were also in ruin with signs of severe vandalism. I’m not sure what is more expensive letting everything go to ruin or the upkeep. It was tax payers’ money that built the facilities so in a way it is their money that is being thrown away. I realise that it would also be the tax payers’ money for the upkeep of the facilities. The thing is that sometimes new buildings are bought and built when something could be done with the old. At least these facilities could serve as a museum even charging a small amount for entrance fee. While I was there a saw quite a few visits.


Road Kill #2

During my morning walk last weekend I came across a dead snake that had been run over by a car. See my previous post Road Kill #1. On the same day I came across a dead fox. It did not seem to have been run over and at first look it seemed to be sleeping except for the fact that its eyes were open and glazed. It is a shame to see such a beautiful creature dead by the road side.